Building A Home? Things To Ask Your Builder About That May Not Be Included

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If you are starting to get quotes to have a house built and you aren't sure what all the quote includes, there are some things you want to pay attention to. There are some things that may seem like they would come standard in the house build, but they are actually left out, and you'll have to arrange to have them done on your own. Here are some things you'll want to ask about.

Blinds or Window Treatments

You don't want to walk around a house that has nothing over the windows, and you may not feel like hanging curtains all throughout the property. If you can, ask the home builder if they can factor in the cost of the blinds when they are giving you an estimate and when they are preparing the documents for the loan for the mortgage company. Having this included can save you from having to pay and hang the blinds on your own.

Grass Seed or Landscaping

If you can't afford to have sod brought in after you build the home, you'll want to see the cost to have grass seed spread throughout the property. The grass seed can be spread as soon as the house is done being built, or as soon as contractors are done moving around the outside, and with hydro seed, you can get a yard quickly on a budget. For more information, contact local professionals like Turner Seed.

Garage Door Opening System

It may seem odd, but you may not have a garage door opening system included in the build, and then you won't have any way to get into the garage after the construction is complete. Make sure that they put it in at the time of construction when the garage door is installed so you don't have to get it done after you take possession of the house.

Some of these things you may be able to have the builder add in to the cost of the home to put in with your home loan, and other things you will need to pay cash for after you have closed on the home loan. This will be determined by how much your loan is, and how much more you can add to it. If there is anything else that you want to add to your home during construction, make sure that you ask about it and get a breakdown of the cost before you agree to have it or add it.